Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do we cease to be humans even?

Ah! For the first time in my life,I feel ashamed of being a Pakistani. The news of two young boys being beaten to death is the headlines of almost every news channel by now.The brothers,18 year old Moiz Butt and 16-year old Muneeb Butt who went to the mosque in the morning as usual didn't know it would be their last prayer cos after a few hours they were surrounded by a bunch of animals(its a shame to call them humans) and beaten to death by sticks,stones and any object that could be found on the site for NO reason at all.The policemen seemed to enjoy the show too as they were seen standing in the crowd while the poor boys kept shouting,"Please shoot us if you like,it may be less painful than a death like this".The brutality didn't end with this and the dead bodies were hanged in public to show the entire universe 'how inhuman one can be'!

  The media played its role as it always does by playing the footage(captured by someone in the crowd) every 15 minutes and making sure that everyone felt the disgust and turned off their televisions.I wonder wasn't it enough to play the video once if 'awareness' was all what they wanted?

 While going through articles on different websites,I came across various comments posted by readers which were equally distressing.For instance,one of the overseas Pakistani had commented,"I feel ashamed associating myself with Pakistan right now". Reading this comment made me furious.Today,they disown of their country because of an act that cannot be justified........Will they disown their families tomorrow if the families committed an act that was morally inappropriate? Its time to own our country and bring the change rather than  accusing others!

Another comment I came across was "People like them(the murderers) are responsible for the problems being faced by the country right  now". Wth? Them? Its 'US'!!! Its time we should wake up from the dream that 'we're  the best nation in the world' and realize that we aren't even humans anymore!

  I personally think suspending the policemen and hanging the murderers wont do any good as there are many other innocent people dying this way everyday and their murders go unnoticed.The only way to get rid of these sad happenings is by 'self-accountability'. Being ashamed of ourselves today will lead us to the realization of the fact that 'how and when we become a part of injustice,cheating and fraud in our daily lives'.Once we become indifferent to these seemingly 'minor things',the day isn't far away when we might be playing the role of spectators while some other innocent soul spits on our faces and flies to the heaven.


  1. And i need to clear something since I a friend pointed it out to me.

    I mentioned I am ashamed of being a part of such a barbaric nation but I didnt say I am ashamed of this identity.I am ashamed because being a part of this nation,I didn't bring any improvement in this system.Rather than disownin,its time we should think of bringing improvement through indiviual and combined efforts.

  2. well its not as simple as just raising your hand and volunteering..the hole goes so deep its almost bottomless...how far would you go and how much would you bear? because you know if you raise your voice there will be dire consequences...the thought of our family and dear ones makes us weak..that is why we choose leaders to run the country for us, but instead they backstab us