Monday, August 30, 2010

Those who come will leave one day

Those who come will leave one day,
No matter what we do or say,
Or how much we want them to stay!
The eyes do weep,
the pain so deep!
The heart does sigh,
With a sad goodbye
The clock goes on,no turning back,
The colour of night is turning black,
With no mercy,it moves on,
Not caring how we linger on!
We turn our eyes to God and pray,
The only light that guides our way!
Look around us for those in misery,
Help them reach their path to glory,
Make a chain that never breaks,
Make it stronger day by day!
But deep inside,the pain remains,
Cos all good memories never fade,
All those memories that we had,
All the happiness that he's given,
Let this pain guide you to heaven,
Where you sure will meet your dad!


I wrote this poem for a cousin who lost his father around 1 month back.May his soul rest in peace.amen.

1 comment:

  1. it fits to my situation these days....
    very well explained truth of life... appreciated :)