Sunday, August 22, 2010

down the memory lane...

When I was a kid,a young toddler,

all I wanted was food and a shelter;

I was contented with the life I spent,

With nothing around me to bother;

I grew up and so did my desires,

Growing and reaching farther & higher;

I had a family,food and shelter,

But all I wanted was 'something better';

I had friends to share my griefs,

But I walked past and looked for newer;

Slowly and slowly,all grew tired,

Leaving me alone,one after another;

Life went on as it always does...

I made fortune and grew older;

Now I have everything that I ever wanted

But no one to share the loneliness I suffer

Now here I sit alone in my palace.....

DESIRING for nothing but a friendly pat on shoulder!

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