Saturday, August 28, 2010

We're still breathing...

Last week I was really depressed over the incidents taking place in the country and my last blog reflected my feelings very well.I thought I belonged to a nation that is dead and that won't hesitate to drink eachother's blood if circumstances demanded so.But today,when I went out to volunteer in one of the medical camps,I was stunned(yes,literally STUNNED).

The day was a little unfortunate at the beginning for me when I woke up and found out that the car wasn't in a mood to take me to the place I had to reach for volunteering so I had to use public conveyance to reach my destination.At first, I went to my university where I had heard some packaging was being done for the effectees.When I reached there,I couldn't believe my eyes for a moment....the entire university was full of relief goods and students were busy packaging them as if it was no big deal but let me tell you,it was a huge quantity to be taken that easily and all the students were fasting.From parking area to the garden,everyone was busy packing the stuff not caring about the heat and the fact that they were starving.I am one of those thankless people who are not attached to their institutes and always ready to quit it(apologies for that) but was different.For the first time in my life,I loved the scene at my university.It reflected vibrance,life,love,care and above all....humanity.After that,I left for another institute where we were supposed to do the packaging and about 15 students(including me) completed the job of packing 1000 family packages containing items of daily use in just 3 hours.

Yes! My idea that we belong to a nation that is dead was a nightmare.It may not be absolutely wrong but it was far less than I had expected.I know you must be thinking that I form my opinions too quickly but no.....I had been listening from many friends that they are going for volunteering and they shared their experiences after coming back but until you experience something yourself,you never get to know how intense it is!

The best thing about all this is.....despite the fact that we dont have any support from the government or any higher authorities,common people are trying their best to bring the life of the effectees back to normal.May be their efforts are like a drop in the ocean but all these drops will make an ocean one day INSHALLAH!

Today's experience taught me one thing atleast: 'We're not dead,there are still some breaths left in us! Its time we should pure ourselves and unite among ourselves so that we can bring an end to those negative forces that bring disappointment for us and give a negative image of ours to the world".

Love you Pakistan,Love you Pakistanis!

Long Live Pakistan!

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