Sunday, October 31, 2010

another lame try at poetry......urdu this time

Ye aandhi jo chali abhi,kahaan se uthi?
Jo goonja charon taraf mere,shor kaisa hai?
Ye samjha tha mein ne,ab sukoon se sona hai,
Per ankhon mein jo chubha,ye khwaab kaisa tha?

Ye jo zindagi ke hain rang kayee,
ik jo khila,bujh gaye kayee,
Jo rang sab se munfarid laga,
wohi sari khushian le ura.

Zindagi hai ik kitab khuli,
Us ne mujhse kaha yehi,
Meinsafhey palat-ta reh gaya,
Per kaheen pe kuch likha na tha.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


He was standing in the midst of utter darkness when suddenly a bright light shone in the distance and, within a fraction of  a second,surrounded him completely.He was blinded by this sudden change and covered his eyes but invain.Bringing his hands back to his side,he narrowed his eyes trying to locate the source and finally he found the far end of the path,a pair of sparkling eyes looking directly at him.Mesmerized,he moved towards them and realized that it wasn't just a pair of eyes but a slender figure covered by a similarly bright cloak which radiated the light that had surrounded him.Overcoming his shock,he moved closer and asked,"Who are you?"
The Charmer replied,"I have come to bring an end to the darkness in your life."

"But I am used to of living in the darkness,this change is bothering me",he replied.

"Its time for the darkness to end and that's the reason I am here.For a moment,it will startle you but then you'll love the light and soon you will feel the same light rising within you."

"And what good will it do to me?"

"What good did the darkness do to you?"

"Atleast it taught me one thing...expect nothing from life,accept anything it gives."

"And now,I'll teach you to expect everything from life and accept only what you like.You don't deserve to be unhappy and this world isn't as cruel as it seems.The best is yet to come."

"So you think I should carry on with life which i abandoned long ago and wait for the best to arrive?"

"No.I tell you the best time is round the corner and will be here any moment."

"Oh! How are you so confident?"

The charmer stepped closer, stared into his eyes and replied,
"This confidence give me the ability to pull people out of darkness and make them believe life is still waiting for them."

With that staring look,the boy felt warmth within him.He said,"Oh!  I can now feel something stirring within me,lighting up my spirits making me realize I was a fool to live in the darkness for so long.I want you to stay here forever."

The charmer held out her hand and said,"Hold onto me and you shall be happy forever"

The boy leaped forward and tried to hold the outstretched hand but the figure stepped back.He moved closer and tried again but suddenly felt the light around him fading and image in front of him blurred.It grew lighter and lighter with every second that passed by and the boy felt miserable because he didn't want to face the agony of staying in the darkness again.

"No No! Please don't go! You were the one to pull me out of darkness,you can't abandon me now.Atleast tell me who you are?",he kept crying.

The light kept vanishing and he saw the charmer's lips moving when he heard a whisper,"I am Hope.I come to light up one's life and go away when they start depending upon me."

With this,the charmer finally disappeared leaving the boy all alone in the same darkness he had lived for a long time but with a brand  new sense of agony....