Sunday, November 14, 2010

and if only I could turn back the time...

Last night I was going through my cupboard when I came across an my diary which i gave up writing long back.At times its good to find such things which show you much have you transformed during all these years and reading the diary made me wonder how very different was I!

Today,I just wanna make a confession......If only I could turn back the time,there are so many things that I would like to get back,so many things that I wish weren't a part of me or my life.A friend of mine always said,"Circumstances lead us towards a change which can either be good or bad" and I was a fool not to believe it.I always had this notion that we take a path,good or bad, only because we want to and then blame it on circumstances.Looking back at the old times,I realize,I myself have been the victim of circumstances.

A teacher of mine says,"Change is the only permanent phenomenon" and I agree but still.......If only I could turn back the time!!

I never wanted to become what I am today,and now lets not discuss what I am today :P

Just lets wish.......If only I could turn back the time!!

Now you guys tell me.....what would you like to do if you could turn back the time? (at times,it feels good to talk to the walls ;) )