Friday, November 11, 2011

Have you?

Have you ever seen a bird fly high?
Tearing winds to reach topmost skies,
So that it can breathe free,
Free of sorrow,full of glee

Have you ever seen a child take his first step?
On the floor his feet are set,
He walks,then falls and walks again to fall,
But nothing can bring him down till he clears the test.

Have you ever been happy for no reason?
It may sound strange but is a treasure for some,
For those Who find it and learn to live
Live the present,not fearing what may come.

Have you ever sat beside an old man?
Talked to him and held his hand
Talked to him about the good old days,
And felt the warmth his cold hand conveys.

Have you ever sat in the garden on a cloudy day?
Looking at the sky when its about to rain,
Feeling the first drop of rain on your face,
And letting it wash your worries away.

iF  you haven’t found time for these little acts,
your life is a waste!! Trust me,mate!
For once,try living the life of an insane,
You wouldn’t wanna come back to the world of sanes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Knight returns...

The only possession princess had was 'love'
But her prayers refelcted from the sky above;
she waited for years for the knight to return
but it was like expecting ashes to earn.

"time heals" as it is said,
her wounds scarred as time fled
One day,she saw an unbelievable sight,
The knight on a horseback, came to light
Her breath seemed to stop,
And her heart raced
As the knight approached closer,
As the horse paced.

She expected something to ignite within
A sweet pain,a feel of new skin;
She searched her heart to find what went wrong
As she couldn't find any bell that rung.
Surprising and shocking as it came to her,
instead of being happy,all she felt was numb.

He spoke of her love,of his wrongs and its harms,
but nothing helped,neither the warmth of his arms.
And as it was getting dark and difficult to see,
She got up and said with a sigh,
"I thought my love was boundless as sea,
But it died and so.... Goodbye"