Sunday, July 24, 2011

I had none

We live in a world,
surrounded by lust,
but some lucky ones find love,
But i found none,

I was always distant,
and you always thought
i didnt give you the love you deserved,
Coz i had none.

you had soemone to come to
when you were down
while i had none.

you shouted at me,
told me i was at fault,
you had someone to blame at least,
But I had none.

you tried your best
to make things work
you wanted an explanation
to all i've done
but I had none.

words came to my lips,
but you couldnt hear
coz all you wanted was affection,
and I had none.

and when u were leaving,
you looked back,
looking for a tinge of grief,
in my eyes,
but there was none.

I told you to go away,
And i confess,
I didnt mean it
But you wanted love,
and i had none!

and today
i've got what i longed for,
you gave up
and now you're begone;
I'm suffocating and want someone
and i have none