Friday, November 11, 2011

Have you?

Have you ever seen a bird fly high?
Tearing winds to reach topmost skies,
So that it can breathe free,
Free of sorrow,full of glee

Have you ever seen a child take his first step?
On the floor his feet are set,
He walks,then falls and walks again to fall,
But nothing can bring him down till he clears the test.

Have you ever been happy for no reason?
It may sound strange but is a treasure for some,
For those Who find it and learn to live
Live the present,not fearing what may come.

Have you ever sat beside an old man?
Talked to him and held his hand
Talked to him about the good old days,
And felt the warmth his cold hand conveys.

Have you ever sat in the garden on a cloudy day?
Looking at the sky when its about to rain,
Feeling the first drop of rain on your face,
And letting it wash your worries away.

iF  you haven’t found time for these little acts,
your life is a waste!! Trust me,mate!
For once,try living the life of an insane,
You wouldn’t wanna come back to the world of sanes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Knight returns...

The only possession princess had was 'love'
But her prayers refelcted from the sky above;
she waited for years for the knight to return
but it was like expecting ashes to earn.

"time heals" as it is said,
her wounds scarred as time fled
One day,she saw an unbelievable sight,
The knight on a horseback, came to light
Her breath seemed to stop,
And her heart raced
As the knight approached closer,
As the horse paced.

She expected something to ignite within
A sweet pain,a feel of new skin;
She searched her heart to find what went wrong
As she couldn't find any bell that rung.
Surprising and shocking as it came to her,
instead of being happy,all she felt was numb.

He spoke of her love,of his wrongs and its harms,
but nothing helped,neither the warmth of his arms.
And as it was getting dark and difficult to see,
She got up and said with a sigh,
"I thought my love was boundless as sea,
But it died and so.... Goodbye"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Its funny how you see others around you planning their futures the way they want while you wait for the fate to bring you what it holds for you. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I had none

We live in a world,
surrounded by lust,
but some lucky ones find love,
But i found none,

I was always distant,
and you always thought
i didnt give you the love you deserved,
Coz i had none.

you had soemone to come to
when you were down
while i had none.

you shouted at me,
told me i was at fault,
you had someone to blame at least,
But I had none.

you tried your best
to make things work
you wanted an explanation
to all i've done
but I had none.

words came to my lips,
but you couldnt hear
coz all you wanted was affection,
and I had none.

and when u were leaving,
you looked back,
looking for a tinge of grief,
in my eyes,
but there was none.

I told you to go away,
And i confess,
I didnt mean it
But you wanted love,
and i had none!

and today
i've got what i longed for,
you gave up
and now you're begone;
I'm suffocating and want someone
and i have none

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Star

once upon a time ,when i was young,
to these eyes,huge dreams hung,
i wanted to grow up fast,
so that i cud reach that high,
as far as the sky,
there was a star i called mine,
tthe star with the brightest shine,
It spoke to me in a tone unheard,
whispering to me."protect me from world",
each night in the window,I sat,
measuring the distance that was left,
reachng it seemed a matter of time!
days came and days passed by,
hope grew stronger with every inch i grew,
then came the day I had waited for,
no matter if it was far,
i was sure I could reach the star,
i ran to the window,
took my place,
looked out for my favourite sight,
bt it was all dark n there was no light,
there was thunder,there was mist,
and the star lost amidst,
everything hazy and there I sat,
waiting for mist to go back,
and as it left,
the sky cleared,
but the mist had taken the star away..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

lying on a couch,
celebrating the loss,
I wondered why do i cry?
it was my choice to live in a lie!!
the lie that was my escape,
living in a world full of taste,
the taste of a sin is always pleasant,
the smell of it feels like a scent;
but it swept me away from where I belonged,
to a world that wasnt Yours!
yet i loved to live in that lie,
knowing it wont last for life!

I was asked: take pearl or fire,
I chose fire,
I was a wrong buyer!
I knew to gold my being would turn, ashes my soul would burn...
but who cares about soul?
'matter' is all what matters!

I kept moving away from You,
But you never left me alone,
You shone light in my way,
so that I may not fall!
you kept calling me Your way,
hoping i would hear the wake up call..
But i turned deaf and shut my eyes,
felt too proud to follow Your light,
Depended too much on myslef,
'my-self'? which isnt sure of its next breath?!!
I cried to people,to everyone but You!
and all i got was loneliness and gloom!
I stumbled at every step i took,
yet I wouldnt take your outstretched hand......

Tired and wounded as I lay down,
I let the wounds bleed before they dry,
Hoping it would cure my soul,
of the dark spots that seem incurable..

As I kneel on the ground,
And my head touches the soil,
My eyes still dry,
but the heart does cry,
"O Lord! O Lord! Forgive me for once,
Free my soul of all this guilt,
make me pure,
let the wounds cure,
let the hopelessness inside of me die,
for once,bring me back to light"

As I lift my head from the ground,
I see light all around,
And a whisper nearby:
"Welcome back to life".

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today as I step out of this gate,
I look back at those good old days,
Seems like we've been living a dream,
But those days remind me of my being ME!

A dream of a life that was carefree,
an hour of studying,then hours of sleep,
Waking up early was a torture,
But evened out when we met at tea!
Hanging out after bunking a class,
And attending all those 'mufta' feasts;

Feeling strange as we entered the class,
Fighting over 'hot seat' in a row that was LAST,
Munching and talking,trying not to yawn,
Sneaking out of classs once proxy was marked;
"No money! No money" was our constant cry,
yet everyone showed up when it was lunch time ;)

Then there were those 'narrow escapes',
we were on the run,princi at chase,
From GCR to BCR to the  parking lot,
he followed us but we won the race ( :P :P )

And then came the exam storm,
cheerful moments torn apart,
texts that once forwarded jokes,
were now full of "kitna parha yar?"

We strongly believed that 'sharing is caring',
shared everything,minus the wallets :P
endless chats full of sarcasm,
ecstasy and glee that shall last forever!

Today as we all take our separate ways,
Life may get tough,tiring days,
But deep inside,like a wine sweet,
a part of me shall dwell in this dream,
Cos its not about all those years,
its just that we've 'grown up together'.