Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Star

once upon a time ,when i was young,
to these eyes,huge dreams hung,
i wanted to grow up fast,
so that i cud reach that high,
as far as the sky,
there was a star i called mine,
tthe star with the brightest shine,
It spoke to me in a tone unheard,
whispering to me."protect me from world",
each night in the window,I sat,
measuring the distance that was left,
reachng it seemed a matter of time!
days came and days passed by,
hope grew stronger with every inch i grew,
then came the day I had waited for,
no matter if it was far,
i was sure I could reach the star,
i ran to the window,
took my place,
looked out for my favourite sight,
bt it was all dark n there was no light,
there was thunder,there was mist,
and the star lost amidst,
everything hazy and there I sat,
waiting for mist to go back,
and as it left,
the sky cleared,
but the mist had taken the star away..