Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlmen,

  Hope you all are doing pretty fine *echoes*

Oops, I forgot that the only reader of this blog is myself ;)
Nevertheless, I'll write and write till the thunder within me settles. I have so many disorganized thoughts in my mind that i dont even know where to start with. Either to start talking about the life I've always lived..the one with fear, negativity and hopelessness or the one I'm living now...living in the present and not fearing what may come. Life,my friends, is full of surprises. Moments when you're sure you've lost the battle and your enemy suddenly trips over something...whoaa,that feels like heaven! And moments when the destiny seems so close but you're never able to approach it, the distance only keeps increasing. life life life! its a surprise!

Did you ever happen to notice how important some people are in your life yet you take them for granted? I realized that recently. Relations who've always given me unconditionally are the ones I've taken most lightly. They've been there for me whenever I needed them...unnoticed, like an invisible hand who helps you guide through the darkest times.  And now, I'm so much in a habit of taking from them that I dont even know how to return. All you people out there, just one request. Don;t let this happen to you. Dont let the crave in you die to be with those who have always been with you cause you'll only realize how it feels when you stand in their place one day and trust me, it feels horrible!

For now, I dont really know what else to write so lets say a goodbye till we meet next time. take care dearest readers *echoes* (LOL)

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